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 We offer all the parts needed to fix your Hi Striker and Dunk Tank! If you’re unable to identify the parts on this page that you need to make your fixes, please give us a phone call, we’re happy to help!

Parts are interchangeable unless listed as adult/mini-striker.



1. Adult Arm  $75.00
Childrens 6' Model Arm

2. Adult (wood only) Base   $225.00
Adult Aluminum Base $150.00
Childrens 6' Model (wood only) Base  $75.00

3. Adult Pad  $85.00
Childrens PolyPad $60.00

4. Adult Block $30.00
Childrens 6' Model
5. Adjustment Block
Childrens 6' Model
Sold as a set, Adult $50 and Childrens $25.00

6. Adjustment Bolt $12.50


7. Lift Spring Adult $17.00
Lift Spring Childrens $12.00



9. Chaser $32.00

10. Rocker Set Adult $93.00 (bushings not included)
Rocker Set Childrens $63.00 (bolt not included)

11. Bushings $12.00

12. Coil Spring Adult $6.00
Coil Spring Childrens $5.00

14. Hold Down Strap $5.00

16. Rocker Block $5.00 available in large only.

17. Kiddie Rocker Bolt


Misc. Parts / Assemblies
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Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

3lb Maul $105.00

 5lb Maul $175.00

7lb Maul $195.00

9lb Maul $210.00


8in Kiddie Bell Chrome $49.00

8in Kiddie Bell Painted $49.00 

12in Adult Bell $79.00

Complete Arm Adult $425.00
Complete Arm Childrens $255.00

Dolly Wheel $36.00

Dolly Wheel Brackets $25.00

Kiddie Base Legs $30.00

Bell Bolt $12.00






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